One Piece Chapter 1063 Recap & Spoilers: My Only Family

After the Straw Hats are split up in One Piece Chapter 1062, there are a few important disclosures. The girl who introduces herself as Dr. Vegapunk confesses that she is actually Punk-02 Lilith The Evil and not the eminent scientist.

Shaka The Good, Punk-01, steps in to stop Lilith from stealing the Straw Hats’ valuables and informs her of their true identity. Later it is discovered that the original Dr. Vegapunk has divided himself into six satellites known as the Punk-0X, each of which has inherited one of his characteristics and his intellect.

The CP0’s upcoming task is to transport a huge figure resembling Kuma to Egghead and destroy all of Dr. Vegapunk’s satellites.

Luffy and Bonney are developing a friendship in the meantime. Apparently the former Warlord Bartholomew Kuma, Bonney reveals to Luffy and the others that she has visited Egghead before and is just coming to ask Dr. Vegapunk questions concerning her father’s complete mechanised.

The chapter also makes a passing reference to Bonney and Sabo’s prior encounter in Marijoa.

One Piece Chapter 1063 Recap & Spoilers: My Only Family
One Piece Chapter 1063 Recap & Spoilers: My Only Family

The three of Luffy, Chopper, and Bonney are seen in One Piece Chapter 1063 as having full tummies after consuming food made possible by Atlas’ invention.

Atlas is happy to see that they are well nourished, but Jimbei points out that he has always been overweight. Before Atlas can answer, their Recycollie reminds him to go back to his violent profession.

Since Egghead is a research laboratory, Bonney surmises that the line of interested beings that Chopper has spotted is made up of researchers.

Jimbei adds that since the city appears to be desolate when they initially arrive, they might have been afraid of them.

Luffy discovers some odd clothing that he describes as being light and breezy while the others are discussing their discoveries.

His friends ask him where he obtained the new clothes after seeing the change in his attire. Luffy casually gestures toward a location that has a stylish signboard hanging above it.

The other people use the same strategy and buy the futuristic outfits. When Bonney tries to leave the Straw Hats, Luffy unexpectedly sees a familiar face. It turns out to be Kuma dressed as a cop. As soon as Luffy sees the Pacifista’s attempt to pursue, he orders his friends to move.

One Piece Chapter 1063 Recap & Spoilers: My Only Family
One Piece Chapter 1063 Recap & Spoilers: My Only Family

However, the Pacifista shoots them with a laser weapon concealed in its mouth rather than pursuing them. The Pacifista details the alleged offences the pirates have done, including stealing clothing and eating without paying.

The robot ignores Luffy’s attempts to reason with it. As the Pacifista’s attacks continue unabated, Luffy makes the decision to respond by invoking self-defense as justification.

He expands his arm and swings it in the direction of the Pacifista. But just as Luffy is about to strike the Pacifista, Bonney unexpectedly kicks him, causing the robot to fire another laser gun at them.

When Luffy confronts Bonney about her behaviour, she tells the Straw Hats that Kuma is her only relative and her father, greatly surprising the Straw Hats in attendance.

She pleads with them not to harm her father before collapsing to the ground and reminiscing about her younger years.

However, the enormous robot doesn’t seem to care about her feelings.

The Pacifista fires another laser cannon at the female pirate as she is having an emotional moment, causing Luffy to intervene and save her.

One Piece Chapter 1063 Recap & Spoilers: My Only Family
One Piece Chapter 1063 Recap & Spoilers: My Only Family

The pirate crew of Trafalgar Law is under constant attack in a specific New World sea.

They are compelled to resurface because they have already sustained significant damage. But then a strange thing happens.

As he issues the order to prepare for battle, Law becomes genderbent, but it’s not just him. His crewmates have likewise been the targets of this strange onslaught.

Fortunately, Law just briefly assumes a female role. He employs what he learnt in Wano and uses a powerful amount of Haki to circumvent the effects of the ability.

The proprietor of the Sick-Sick Fruit, Doc Q, expresses his surprise at Law’s accomplishment. He admits that his feminization sickness is the cause of the gender-bending.

Then Van Augur teleports them to the island using the strength of his Warp-Warp Fruit. Jesus Burgess doesn’t waste any time in showcasing his talent after arriving on the island.

He uses the strength of his Strong-Strong Fruit to lift and hurl an entire mountain towards Law and his warriors.

The mountain Burgess threw is then destroyed by Law by building one enormous room.

Blackbeard takes advantage of the opening to enter the scene formally. He even extends a hollow greeting when he first greeted Law. Law asks the accursed Emperor why Blackbeard is at their purported next island after spotting him.

Blackbeard acknowledges that everything has been planned out. He anticipates that one of the three pirate captains who caused mayhem in Wano will make his way to that particular island, and it just so happens that Law is the unfortunate captain.

Additionally, Blackbeard makes no effort to conceal that the aim of their ambush is to take the Road Ponegliffs that Law is holding. Law accepts the antagonist’s challenge as one of One Piece’s most powerful captains.

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